Multiple dial-in users to initiate and communicate in the conference without web client user

Hi guys,

Is it possible to have multiple dial-in users to initiate and communicate in the conference; whether web client user joins or not?

I read in the forum about adding timeout on jigasi config and I already did that part. I would like to know if below scenario can work or not?

  • user 1 initiates the conference via dial-in.
  • user 2 dials in and joins the above conference.
  • Both user 1 and user 2 should be able to talk; whether user 3 from web joins or not.

In above scenario, if web user 3 joins, it works fine and I can see all 3 users can communicate; but what if user 3 doesn’t join?

Yes. That should be fine.

Thanks damien. I just tried the scenario above and I hear the ringing on 1 device and blank sound on another device for the dial-in users.

Also, I don’t see any jicofo side logs for the above scenario. Is that expected?

Anything here @damencho?

Nope. Check jigasi logs