Multiple Chats Open - Incoming Message



... when I have a tabbed chat window open (with more than one contact) and a message comes in, on a tab that isn't the actual tab - then it doesn't come up in front.

The same goes if there is a dormant chat -e.g while in a phone conversation with that person - and another contact sends a text message. In that case the chat windows gets the focus - it comes to the front - but not with the incomimg message.

While I wouldn't like getting the focus stolen while typing, it is equally disturbing to get the chat window popping up and then having to search who is the one who've sent the message. :slight_smile:

So probably it is possible to switch to the incomming message's tab when the chat window was hidden or no typing has taken place for a while.

Has this been discussed before (could be - haven't followed)