Multiple Audio Channels

Is it possible to have multiple audio channels in Jitsi meet?
We are currently investigating the possibility of using Jitsi for our conference services. We need 3 basic functionalities:

  • Create a video conference with Jitsi Meet which includes the original audio and up to 4 translated audio channels from which the participant can select the preferred language (just like the functionality Zoom provides)
  • Stream the video conference additionally through Jibri including the translated audio channels as multi audio channel, so the viewer can select the desired translation
  • Record the Meeting as Multi Channel Audio file

Is this possible?

Can nobody answer this?
Any developers in here that are willing to work with us on a solution?

Accidentally bumped into this.
@fwieland No, this is not possible and making it possible would mean a tremendous rearchitecturing of how jitsi works (e.g. jvb’s are muxing audio from multiple sources to single stream, that is sent to client, there is no pick an audio stream logic, etc. etc).

This is not correct, jvb is not decoding/encoding or mixing anything.

But there are many places where it is considered there is a single video and single audio stream, so it is true that adding one more audio or video stream will need changes in lib-jitsi-meet, jitsi-meet, jicofo and probably and the bridge.

@damencho ok, thank you for claryfing that… i got a notion, that jvb’s are muxing audio together, is that some experimental feature, that is not turned on by default? i read about it somewhere here on forum some time ago…

JVB 1 had a mixing option, but for that you need to decode and then encode audio.
JVB 2 does not have this option and it cannot even do decode and encode any codec, it is just a smart packet router.

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