Multiparty group audio/video call in website

hello guys. i have implemented one to one audio/video call using jssip library. now i want to implement multiparty group audio/video(like whatsapp,skype,etc) call using Jitsi. i want to implement that feature in website . how can i achieve that ???

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thanks for fast reply @damencho .
Q1>> how to implement multiparty group audio/video(like whatsapp,skype) call using Jitsi???. in jitsi i have seen we have to create room first , then share the link of room by other means. but in group call , how multiple user ring at same time.
Q2>> hi @damencho , which libraray to use, where to use , how to do signalling . can u provide me some roadmap , so that it is easy to implement group call.

There is no such option for multiple calling. There are hooks to implement invitations though, where the ui allow you to invite multiple people. You can do jwt token user authentication and you need to implement your invitation logic that depends on your other group signalling, these is some lua prosody modules you need to implement.
So than start with doing your own deployment and configure using jwt … This is a start point.

Q1>> you are talking about invitees object in iframe api . right ??. if yes , the array should be like
[{‘id’:‘sip:username1@sipServerName’},{‘id’:‘sip:username2@sipServerName’}, …] where username1,username2,… are registered on my freeswitch server.
Q2>> where to implement my signalling ???
hey @damencho , please answer my second question.

There is a config.js property you can use inviteServiceUrl to a service of yours which will be hit with the invite ids.

thanks @damencho . i never expected such a fast response.

I follow the below links and installed jitsi locally on
i configured the jitsi so that when user start conference or join conference , he/she has to enter username and password before starting or joining conference.

in first tab i opened website which has one to one audio/video call feature and in other browser , i opened in second tab.
in first tab, i typed below lines in console but i did not get invitation in second tab???
const domain = ‘’;
const options = {
roomName: ‘JitsiMeetAPIExample’,
width: ‘100%’,
height: 600,
parentNode: document.querySelector(’.mainContainer’), inviteServiceUrl:‘’,
invitees: [{‘id’:‘v2’}]
const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
hello @damencho , can u guide me.
in first tab i am using iframe API.