Multidomain LDAP authentication

I use Jitsi installed from Debian packages stable.
I try to authenticate the users against LDAP. I can do that with ldap2 or ldap plugin in prosody. When the user is authenticating without domain, it works well.
Now I try to allow the user to be filled with the domain (like user@domain.tld) and supports multiple domains.

Without creating any more configuration, I have a timeout and the console logs says I don’t have the right to authenticate
If I create a virtualhost with the associated domain, the LDAP authentication is well done(seen in tcpdump) , but I have the error : connection.GET_SESSION_ID_ERROR displayed on the client screen.

So, Could you give me the right way to configure multiple domains authentication ?

Thanks !

Did you get it work ? i also trying to setup it

I think it is impossible directely in Jisti. To solve my problem, I install LemonLDAP to do the authentication, with multiple domains authentication. I use SAML auth in Jitsi.