Multi video bridge limit


Is there any limit to how many video bridges one jitsi-meet host can handle?

We are currently running 150+ video bridges for one jitsi-meet host. Each bridge handles 1 conf of around 40-50 users. We are facing some strange issues with connectivity, some users are complaining that they can’t hear the conf’s host. This usually happens in the morning time (IST), very strange. It works fine during day time.

Do I need to change some config values to handle that many video bridges?



I’m also interested in this topic. Out of some “gut feeling” I’m running 10 jitsi-meet servers, each hosting 10-15 video bridges. Runs without problem. But on one side, this configuration is complicated to maintain - so would like to go down to 1-2 meet servers. On the other side, if we are getting more and more users, it is important to know, where is the limit.