Multi-person conference p2p


just use a separate bridge in aws #load_balancing


@Tanvir Sorry, we just want to reduce the traffic of client ,for example cellphone. any suggestions ?

Thank you very much.


if u r coming from phone use channelLastN set to 1
in this way user see only one video either by pinning or only active speaker and this reduces the downlink greatly (atleast that’s what i did)


@Tanvir thanks for you help.
yes,you are right ,maybe that is a temp solution.
however we want to show more videos of persons in room.
it used 700MB data traffic when 6 persons in one room and last just 20 mins.
is it normal ?


So let’s say 6 people getting the maximum of 720p which is around 2.5Mb/s for 20 mins (1200 sec.):
62.51200=2250MB so 700MB seems fine and means they were not getting the maximum resolution at all time. And this is only for outgoing traffic if simulcast is enabled on all 6 participants (chrome instances).


Thanks for your help.
could you give us some suggestions about how to decrease the traffic data each devices? as you know 700MB data which be used in 20mins is too much for clients , any solution to fix or improve this ?

Thank you very much and have a good day.


Lower the resolution for web clients using the config.js, this is the only option for now. Not sure did mobile made the change to respect those …


@damencho Is it possible that we change the code of video to decrease the data used by client ?
as we knew jitsu use vp8 ,is it possible that we use the h.264 or any others?
hope get your help .thanks
have a nice day.


I don’t think you will achieve any significant change if any.


@damencho . i found some answers about mixed audio and video ,is it possible to reduce the video data ?:joy:


Have you tried to lower the used resolution?


yes, we have tried the lower resolution to 320-240 and fps 24 ,after our testing ,there is 105MB data used with 2 persons in 10 mins.


This gives roughly 110KB/s which is very low value, how much lower do you want to go? Audio is 40-60KB/s and you have video twice as the audio. You can go with 180p if you want lower, this is the thumbnail resolution we normally have in a meeting.


@damencho .
You mean it needs 110KB/s both audio and video when we setup resolution to 320*240 ,right ?

So ,the traffic data must be 110KB10mins60s/min ~= 66MB ,so why we used 105MB in testing ? is there something we missed ?

Actually ,we have compared the used traffic data to other products like jitsi , most of them will cost 50~60MB in 10 mins , so we hope we can decrease it around 60MB , is it possible ?

In addition ,maybe 180p is not very cleanly in mobile phone ,we think we need 320*240 at least .how do you think ?

Thank you very much.


No, I don’t say that this must be. I say that calculated in per second from your measurements it looks right.
It is 110 per video and if you add 60 per audio, you get 1706010~100MB for 10 minutes.

Not sure there is anything we can do, we are using browser default settings, was it webrtc app? Then can you open chrome:://webrtc-internals in chrome on desktop which you use for your measurement and send us the first line there, from your meeting. In it looks like:


Yes, we are using jitsi sdk and building a app on cellphone.

the traffic data used is bigger than our client expected ,so we need to find a solution to fix it .
very headache about that :joy:

wish there are some better ideas …

Many thanks for your reply.