Multi ldap auth

hi all! I have ldap2 authentication enabled and everything works fine. but i need to include another ldap server in the config so i can login to jitsi using either of the two ldap servers. how can i do that?

my /etc/prosody/conf.avail/ldap.cfg.lua

authentication = 'ldap2'

ldap = {
    hostname = 'ldap://dc.local:389',
    bind_dn = 'CN=Jitsi,OU=Service,DC=dc,DC=local',
    bind_password = 'PASSWORD',
    use_tls = false,
    user = {
        usernamefield = 'sAMAccountName',
        basedn = 'OU=Organizm,DC=dc,DC=local',
        namefield = 'cn'

I’m not sure that’s possible. Since the ldap module is maintained by Prosody, I’d suggest you ask in their forums.