Multi channel audio?

As a Linux user for ages, I’m very happy to discover Jitsi and you, guys !
My friend is a live meeting translator, and I wondered if it is (or would) be possible to have three or four audio channels, so that each member can choose his own language, except for the translator, who could hear on one channel and speak on another ?
Thank for your attention and congrats for the great job !

Hi Tranber,

Sounds like a great feature, but it’s not currently supported. We already support per-participant volume control, this may be relatively easy to implement. This project might offer some inspiration:


Hi Boris,
Thanks a lot for your swift answer !
I’ll look into the project you sent me.
Have a good day and take care !

I’ve renamed the project. GitHub is still redirecting links from the old babe, but just in case they stop that anytime soon:, with the live version at

It takes a little work to get a standard Jitsi Meet install to work with Calla (which is described in the repo). I had started the project on Jitsi’s IFrame API, unaware that there was a full JS API (and also optimizing for speed of development to get the proof of concept done). It would be better if I had used lib-jisti-meet. But this is kind of a side project and I’m not really sure I have the time to learn how to use lib-jitsi-meet to convert to it.

Calla is now implemented with lib-jisti-meet, so there’s no longer a need to notify the base Jitsi installation, as well as now supporting webcam video as the user’s avatar.