Multi camera video conferencing

Hi Guys, We are developing a telemedicine platform. For the video conferencing we want to use jitsi. We have multi camera setup on telemedicine kiosk. But we are enable to use more than one camera at a time also we are facing issues in switching between two cameras. Can anyone help how we can do this? We want to access all the cameras of kiosk from doctor’s laptop.

For each camera, you can start a new browser session which participates to the meeting room using its own camera. Doctor can select the camera by clicking the camera’s tile view.

Thanks for your reply.
We are using 3 USB cameras on kiosk side. All the system runs on Linux. Previously when we try to open 2 camera simultaneously, it was throwing error i.e. “cant open camera”, “port busy”
But i haven’t tried this multi session thing. I will try and get back to you.

Let me clarify the issue bit more. We have multi camera setup on single machine to diagnose the different parts of the patient. All the cameras attached through USB on Linux CPU. We want to stream each camera feed, so that doctor can have access to all the cameras. Doctor can switch between cameras or watch simultaneously. Also can we stream video feed on local network?

The local participants can also connect to the same meeting room