Muc_owner_allow_kick patch and Prosody 0.12.1

Just discovered that muc_owner_allow_kick-0.12.patch fails when I applied it against Prosody 0.12.1.

However this is a non-issue because Prosody 0.12.1 includes a fix which now allows kicking someone with same affiliation. In other words, as of this version, the patch should no longer be required.

Posting this mainly as an FYI for those searching the forum wondering why the patch no longer works.


Moderators kicking another moderator may not work out of the box depending on your prosody version:

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Yep, that’s correct, we worked with Matt so it got done upstream. We’ll likely need to keep the patch around and ignore the failure for those running 0.12.0, or raise the dependency to 0.12.1. Thoughts @damencho ?

Well people still use it with prosody 0.11 …

Well it works and with 0.12.0, that patch is needed only when allowners is enabled, which is not by default …

Agreed. We still need those patches handy since it will be a long time before everyone is on Prosody >=0.12.1.