Muc max occupants with secure domain vs without secure domain

Dear all,

I noticed a strange behavior :

  • Mux Max Occupants it works well when I install a secure domain
  • Mux Max Occupants crashes Jitsi when I do not install secure domain : In this case, I am not be able to create one room with several members. For instance, each occupant seem to be alone even if I have several occupants connected on this url.

have you ever encountered this issue?

Thanks for your feedback.

What is the prosody error when that happens?

prosody.err.txt (28.1 KB)
prosody.log (103.9 KB)

I do not know exactly.

Try adding muc_access_whitelist = {} in your config.

Thanks ! It works.
I did not understand that muc_access_whitelist = {} was mandatory even if it is empty.

We need to fix it in the module actually, you can create a PR there, if you want. Thanks.