Muc hook to listen JibriDetector notifyJibriStatus?

I’d like to write a mod_jibri_detector.lua to perform horizontal scale out when jicofo selectJibri() failed.

@damencho Could you give some hint where to start ?


if jibri.attr.action == 'start' then

Maybe i can detect more actions here ?

This is when client sends a message to jicofo to start a recording.

You better get stats from jibri itself reporting somewhere, where you will have the knowledge you have X jibris and you have X reporting busy … so you need to scale up. You can even keep, something like to always have one or two free recorders … depending your needs.
You can use the autoscaler and its sideccar for that, this is what we currently use for jibri (and not only).

Looks like the jitsi-autoscaler is former “jibri-queue” archived project.

So i should be running jitsi-autoscaler along with jicofo server and
running sidecar on each Jibri server ?

Can be away from jicofo or on same machine as it, doesn’t matter