Muc allowner and lib jitsi

Hey. Been waiting to write here, but now ive read every single topic on the matter and i just cant get this working. Ive added the lua and its loading without any errors. Added it to modules loaded in my prosody conf under muc. No errors.

Im using lib jitsi meet to create my conferences, and i keep checking isModerator and getRole. Both say that im not a mod. Is there a certain combination of auth flags and the muc plugin to get this working? Stuff like setSubject etc just wont work. I dont have any error logs to showcase but i can share my confs if that helps. Thanks in advance for any pointers. Prosody 11 btw. Tried 747, same deal.

When do you check for the role, sometimes the role change comes after joining the room event.

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man, that was it… i tried literally everything besides TRYING THE CHECK AGAIN. thanks for quick and good response. so for anyone else struggling with it like me, do not check getrole straight after