MS Calendar events time in GMT only

Hi there,
Please, could you give me an advise how can I set (and where) locatime for getting calendar from MS Calendar API. If I right understand from calendar integration code, it should bring me calendar events in local browser time, but it looks like always on GMT.

I don’t think any conversion is done … Fetching: and extracting just the time:
Is see that start and end are of type

@damencho Thanks!
I found that need to add “Prefer” header with value like ‘outlook.timezone=“SomeCountry Standard Time”’. But for now is problem in right set timezone string. MS doesn’t support IANA format, only windows long timezones like described here Maybe someone knows the best method for get it timezones? E.g new Date(); (Chrome 74) in Russia region gives me “Moscow Standart Time” instead “Russia Standart Time” and MS reject it.
I found some addon momentjs[dot]com/timezone/docs/#/using-timezones/formatting/
and list of zones github[dot]com/moment/moment-timezone/issues/331
but it doesnt looks good idea for apply to.

header can be added here:

return client
-->     .header('Prefer','outlook.timezone="Pacific Standard Time"')
        .orderby('createdDateTime DESC')
        .then(result => => {
            return {


I’ve added PR to
Please consider the possibility to merge it ASAP