Mosaic tiles more adaptive depending on window size?


Maybe it’s the Jitsi instance i’m using, and i could not find any info on it, so please allow me to ask here: in many VC-clients, when you size the window, the tiles of the people in the call adapt to how you size your window. I experience it is sometimes handy to either make a tall small vertical pilar/column kind of window (with tiles stacked, 1 column), in other situations a wide ‘undeep’ horizontal ‘bar’/1 row .

But the Jitsi i know, for instance with 2 or 3 people, seems to want 2 people horizontally, even if i size my window as a vertical pilar. Jitsi just makes the tiles smaller so they fit in the ‘columned window’.

Am i overlooking a config option? Am i on an old Jitsi install? Is this a Jitsi-host/server-config? Is there a way to improve how Jitsi better ‘spaces’ tiles, depending on how you size your window?