More than 2 videotracks simultaneously from same origin

Hey team jitsi. First off, thanks for a truly awesome opensource system. Im nearly done with my setup using lib jitsi and thought id bypassed the jitsi native trackreplacement. But when i try to add the newly created localtrack (desktop) im met with “not allowed with more than 1 videotrack”. Could you point me in the direction of bypassing this? Layoutwise i have it under control, i just wanna see my face and my desktop simultaneously.

Adding desktop to the initial localtrack creation gives me some wiggle room. Screen js allows me to cancel the desktop share while still being “allowed” within the session but that pesky bottom bar remains. Im thinking maybe merge the streams via multistream mixer. But would be amazing if you opened the lid up! And yes, ive read the countless other posts regarding this. Thought id give my +1