More than 2 participants, more than 1 Firefox = all muted

Hey, guys so I installed my Jitsi service point by point with your video guide. So that is JVB, JCOFO, Prosody:

  • Virtual server 2xVCPU + 2GB Ram + 1Gbit
  • IP going directly to the server, not NAT
  • SSL certs from Lets Encrypt in place
  • FW has ports TCP/443, TCP/4443/ UDP/10000… OPEN
  • No NGINX nor Apache2, just plain installation
  • my DNS (I will restrict channel creation right after it works)

This is where I stand now:

1 Chrome (1CH) + 1 Chrome = all works
1CH + 1Ch + 1CH = all muted
1CH + 1FF (FireFox) = all muted
1FF + anything = all muted
Android App can not connect to the server at all

I noticed the moment any third participant connects, my connection reports POOR connection and 0 frames go out. The moment he dc its all Good again in few sec.


Please, what did I miss? Just point me to direction, documentation, whatever. I tried your forums, this issue stays unresolved all of the time.

I just tested it, and I think the udp traffic cannot reach jvb udp port 10000.
2 participants are p2p that’s why it works, the rest try to send media to jvb on udp port 10000.

Thanx for the reply. I see the p2p point. You are right. But as I said before, UDP 10000 is OPEN I rechecked. Also, Firefox does not utilize even P2P? Cos that never works. Any other tips?

In addition I even turned the FW off to test, same results.

Looking at the webrtc internals I saw correct address and port, and just media was not reaching your jvb instance. Check your network and forwarding, it is a network problem. You can use tools like nc, to send and receive packets to test your firewalls and port-forwarding.

This fixed my problem:

My Virtual Server provider fixed this problem:

"The /tmp filesystem must not be mounted with the noexec attribute."

He found the error in this log: /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log

Hope it helps others!