More than 2 internet devices enter a same room can't see each other

it’s happened on my self hosted server,it’s running behind NAT . When devices in the LAN enter the same room, it works well. When Internet devices enter the same room, more than two people will not see each other.

Don’t know what’s wrong with the configiration, any ideas?

Seems like UDP/10000 issue or the access addresses are not the same for all participants.

did you read the FAQ ?

Is it possible that the operations staff did not set up port forwarding?

Already read it

My public domain name is, public port is 8507, which is mapped to my intranet port 10000

Is this UDP or TCP?

Then change the port in JVB config as 8507.

I think I know the cause of the problem, my company NAT type is Symmetric NAT, maybe it’s the reason that it does’t work

When UDP/10000 is set in JVB config, how do the clients know they should use UDP/8507?

I’ve changed it, but it still doesn’t work

What have you changed?