More detailed and suitable SIP Responses for jigasi

using Jitsi for a while with jigasi to connect to an IVR System, I recognized the unconventional use of the 486 “Busy” SIP Response in case there is no default room defined and the Jítsi-Room Header is not sent.
I would propose to reflect the state of a jitsi room in a more detailed manner:

  • Room in Jitsi Room Header not recognised → 404 “Not Found” Response
  • Room found but not opened yet → 180 “Ringing” / 183 “Call Progress” (no 200 Ok)
  • Room opened → 200 ok
  • Room password protected and no Jitsi Room Password in Header or wrong password → 403 “Forbidden”
  • Too many participants in room (if such a thing is implemented) → 486 “Busy”

Greetings Tom