More accessibleSIP GUI

I have used Jitsi for VoIP calls for years. Last year I carelessly mislaid my eyesight, or most of it. The Jitsi GUI was always impressively compact, With very small text and numbers in a small telephone number field If I put one of my eyes 2 inches from the screen with high magnification, I can see some things. Unfortunately, Jitsi GUI is not one of them, and I am entirely dependent on sighted help to use it. It would be great if somehow I could increase the size of the GUI. Is there some easy way that I can do this? And alternative is that if it could be used on iPad with voice-over and touch read out of the different elements of the GUI, I could probably Use it in that mode, as I am doing to write this message now.

Any ideas gratefully received!

Many thanks for any help.