Monitoring with Grafana


so now my Jitsi Instance is running fine. But now i want to monitor it with Grafana and this template

So what stuff do i have to install on my Jitsi Server and which Ports have to be open for that. Do i need to enable some configurations on my Jitsi Server?

Maybe someone already have that running :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

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You will need

In /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config edit JVB_OPTS="–apis=rest,"
and in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ be sure


then you can check with curl -v on jvb if it works…
then you will point this link in Grafana; as url in telegraf config file as it is explained

meanwhile, thanks for sharing this project, i was just looking for such a thing…

Thanks :slight_smile:

So i have Colibri Stats running.
Now i have installed Grafana for Windows (hope it will work with that). But where can i find the telegraf config? Is it on my Jitsi Server or the Grafana Server?

It is on the link you have shared…

Collector (telegraf) Configuration Details:

name_override = “jitsi_stats”
urls = [

data_format = “json”

you will install telegraf and also create a db on influxdb to match as datasouce

So first i have to install Telegraf,influxdb and the dashboard on my Grafana Server?

Or do i have to first install InfluxDB on my Jitsi Server?

Sorry for that many questions :slight_smile:

influxdb is included in grafana, you just need to create users and telegraf db in it, you should need some google

Meanwhile, has anyone configured it for multiple jvbs in a MUC ?
so that he can monitor all jvbs in one graph?
may i ask how to change the collector config and grafana settings to do that

Also the question I have; what is needed to have monitoring for multiple, auto-scaling on AWS, videobridges?

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