Monitoring Tool for Multiple jvb and jicofo Metrics

Hello everyone,

Like previously useful topic, I would like to share an alternative monitoring tool.

I try to develop this application configurable as much as possible.

You can monitor many jvb and many jicofo by setting configuration explained in the repo. Metrics labeled automatically with related host info to be able to distinguish easily. Also you can change period of checking with configuration either.

exp metric:

  • jitsi_jvb_total_participants{host=“localhost:7777”,} 0.0
  • jitsi_jvb_total_participants{host=“localhost:7778”,} 0.0

Beyond metric collection, also health endpoints are checked and exported as a gauge metric.

  • jitsi_jicofo_health_status{host=“localhost:8889”,} 0.0
  • jitsi_jicofo_health_status{host=“localhost:8888”,} 0.0

I hope it would be useful for you!
Repo -> Jitsi Prometheus Exporter (JPE)

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing this under the Apache 2.0 license.

Can you please share to process to configure Jitsi Prometheus Exporter.


I update readme of Jitsi Prometheus Exporter. You can check that

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Thank You very much, Hope this will help me.

Today i set up jitsi meet with 2 videobridges and configured Prometheus, JPE and Grafana Dashboard successfully. Everything seems to be working fine.
Only one this i want to ask that what to enter in place of jicofo metric url,port and paths in JPE configs.
Thank you very much.

Actually not different than jvb config.

You need to set jpe.jicofo.metricUrls parameter.

if you did not change path at jicofo side, you do not need to set path paramater.