Monitor - View of several rooms Number of users per room Room names

Hello everyone
I installed the system and it works great!
Unfortunately I was unable to monitor the number of rooms
Number of room users
Would love to explain step by step, I tried alone, unfortunately did not work for me :frowning:

I’ll be glad to receive your help
Thank you !

Hey… how are you doing…?
I think there are already lot of threads related to this topic even. Have you installed normally or used docker?

  1. if you are using quick install have you followed these Get the list of rooms steps? and tried the following instructions after getting errors?
    you should clear yourself first that what way you have tried/follow and what condition you are now…meaning in which url what you are actually getting/creating rooms…after all of that, then it comes the matter of monitoring…

  2. if you are following docker installation there is also some replies which is about docker. so try those first and then explain where actually you have been stuck…