Module DBI not found

I am installing Jitsi in Ubuntu 18.04.

With Prosody 0.11.13 . Installed the libraries manually: ‘y lua5.2 liblua5.2 lua-expat lua-filesystem lua-socket ssl-cert’

I installed lua-dbi and status is running. but i get error when i try to enable mysql.

I get the following error when i try to register the jicofo user account in prosody:

prosodyctl register focus JICOFO_AUTH_PASSWORD

error Failed to load storage driver plugin sql on /usr/lib/prosody/util/sql.lua:11: module ‘DBI’ not found:
storagemanager warn Falling back to null driver for accounts storage on
Error: No data storage active

what do i do

This is actually not a Jitsi issue, you might want to check in the Prosody forum. But you should also move up to a more current distro; 18.04 is really old and you will experience bottlenecks with some of the more recent features in Jitsi.

Thank u for directing me . When I move to more current version, I am not able to connect to my database. All my steps works fine, but at the end when I enter the room name in jitsi meet, i get : Unfortunately something went wrong–its keeps on redirecting. Not sure what is happening

This is mostly because of UDP/10000 connectivity issue.

Also check if prosody and jitsivideobridge are working correctly.

yes when I check the status, prosody and videobridge is running

what should I do for UDP/10000 connectivity issue… now installed jitsi in ubuntu 22 with lua 5.2 prosody. I finish all the process and when i start meeting, it says “Unfortunately something went wrong–its keeps on redirecting”.