Module 'basexx' not found

Hi all.
I’m trying to upgrade my Jitsi Docker environment from stable-7287 to stable-7577 and I get this warning (followed by other problems but this seems to be the source problem):

Error initializing module ‘auth_token’ on ‘meet.jitsi’: /usr/share/lua/5.4/prosody/util/startup.lua:202: module ‘basexx’ not found:

I’ve googled for a while and found others with similar problems, but nothing really clear on what to do about it in a Docker environment. Any ideas?

Shifting back to the 7287 images works fine, I only get this problem in 7577. I’m using JWT authentication.

Please see: prosody: fix not finding the basexx module by saghul · Pull Request #1360 · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub

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Fixed in a new Docker images release: Release stable-7577-1: release · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub