Modulate voice in jitsi videobridge

For a project, I am looking at implementing - modulation of the audio(speech) in a jitsi video conference.

I am looking for some guidance on this. By far I have reached a point where I think the audio modulation needs to be done on libjitsi. I need to understand, where exactly can I place my code which will receive an audio stream buffer, modify it and then send it out!

Is JNIDecoder the place where I need to put my code in? Or is it AudioMediaStreamImpl.

Thanks in advance.

libjitsi is no longer used in the bridge. The bridge itself does not do decoding of audio or video so you cannot do it there. This is to be done on the client side.

@damencho - where can I find the updated architecture for jitsi?

If I want to setup my own instance, will running jitsi-meet and jitsi-videobridge be more than enough to support audio conferences? Or am I missing any other component?

Also, if my understanding is correct, videobridge will just route the audio coming from userA to all the other users connected to the conference?

Yes, routing packets is all jvb does.


I was trying to figure out the code where local audio is recorded from an audio device before being routed to other users in the conference.

Is this the source of audio? The reason being, I am not able to find it’s usage at any other place apart from AudioMixer.js