Modifying UI/UX Features | React | Web | Get individual tile view

Is there a possibility with external API to retrieve each person’s tile via the API?

if not, can someone please guide me if i want to change the tiles-view component, which component would i actually be looking at?
What i want to do here is to… say there are 4 persons in a video call, i’d like to show their tiles on all four corners and have some other component in the middle?

so far, i’ve tried getting at react>features>conference>components>web

i’m figuring to modify something here, however if there’s another place that i should be looking at, it’d be great to know. Or, if i have access to the tiles/video as a component from an API or something?

@Innace Hi, you seem to have worked recently on tileview, could you please shed some light? where in react code would i be seeing the top level component for tiles to modify how they appear?

figured its in VideoContainer in modules/UI/videoLayout

what’s etherpad though?


The way I’ve been handling it is moving the videos handling the resizes myself. If your still working on this I can show the changes I made in react to make it easier.

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yes pleaaaaaseee!!

I’m a bit busy at the moment. I’ll let you know when I have a little free time.

sure you can email me at or alternately, let me know here as you can :slight_smile:

I would love to know as well :slight_smile: