Modifying `toolbarButtons` breaks everything

So, basically I went to etc/jitsi/meet and modified file to limit toolbar options.
The edited toolbar had all features except invite and embed meeting. The config file looked like kinda following

toobarButtons = [
    // 'invite'

But after I saved and restarted server, when I go to, it directly takes me to instead of showing the welcome page. And the meeting doesn’t show anything. It’s just a blank grey screen. When I reverted the changes back, everything got back to normal. Any idea what’s the issue and how to fix it?

Probably you have a syntax error in the changes.

Very unlikely as I just uncommented as per the need. No changes were made. However, I’ll try again and send an update

You can see in js console logs in the browser what is the error.

So it was a comma missing after the square braces of toolbarButtons list was closed.