Modifying JitsiMeetExternal API


Do you know how can I edit API (JitsiMeetExternal) code located here :
I only found

Other question. What’s the real difference between JitsiMeetExternalAPI ( and
Is JitsiMeetExternal API using lib-jitsi-meet to work properly ?

Thank you in advance.

Here is an example of how to modify the external api: You’ll need to build the api bundle aftewards. To build you would run make from the root and that will create an external_api.min.js file.

JitsiMeetExternalAPI is what creates an iframe that shows jitsi-meet. jitsi-meet and the ExternalApi communicate with each other using the postMessage api (but wrapped by a lib called postis) provided by browsers. jitsi-meet has specific hooks sprinkled about it to message the ExternalApi of certain events, and jitsi-meet has listeners for messages from the iframe parent to take certain actions.

lib-jitsi-meet is generally referred to as the wrappers around webrtc methods provided by browsers and contains logic to connect to jitsi backends. jitsi-meet uses lib-jitsi-meet to interact with webrtc and connect with rooms.

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