Modifying jitsi-meet web client without self hosting server

Hi every one,
I’m new to Jitsi-meet and I hope my trivial question doesn’t bother anyone.
I want to compile the source code of Jitsi-meet and have a modified local web client (local js files and etc with some new myself features) which will connect to the Jitsi-meet servers(, I don’t want to have self-hosting servers.
I do these instructions from this link:

  1. sudo apt-get install npm nodejs
  2. cd jitsi-meet
  3. npm install
  4. make dev

And I can load localhost:8081/exampleroomname in my browser. And jits-meet UI is loaded but I can not connect to the Jitsi servers.
What Should I do to have a Modified Jitsi-meet web client without a self-hosting server?