Modifying interface_config.js and applying changes in dev mode

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I recently started with jitsi-meet, checked out the code, went through dev spec and read couple of threads on community. I am still unable to understand the flow of updating interface_config.js file. I am running jitsi using make dev command. After making some changes into interface_config but dev server doesn’t pick that change. am I doing it in correct way ? I tried restarting the dev server but no luck. Can someone please help me understand what is the correct procedure ?

Did you update your root to point to your dev folder?

Go and edit this line:

See : Custom Deployment doesn't render with styles

Also make sure you disable cache in Chrome developer tools.

By the way, if all you want to do is override the interface config, you don’t need to remake for that. Just point to your modified file in the nginx config, like this:

Location = /interface_config.js
     alias /usr/share/jitsi-meet/my-interface_config.js;

I simply checked out jitsi-meet repository, did npm install and ran it using make dev. I didn’t configured nginx or anything. Current dev server is running using webpack-dev-server on localhost:8080.

Follow the quick install steps:

It’s strongly recommended you run this to get all the other components configured to have a working install before you edit the src.

See: Custom Deployment doesn't render with styles

Alright… So we need to make changes into/etc/nginx/sites-available/your-domain. To point it to my local repo: root /home/myuser/jitsi-meet;

After I did this changes and restarted my nginx service nginx start. It start picking up the changes from the said directory. but it only picks the interface_config.js related changes. whatever changes I am making into react folder. it is not reflecting even after make is run followed by refreshing the page (with disabled cache)

@corby Thanks for your guidance throughout. One last question on this thread:

What is the use of webpack-dev-server ( for running make dev ) when it doesn’t pick the changes I made locally ? Why we need to setup the entire thing, change the path in configuration ?


There are 2 development options:

  1. Development of changes on a server that first went through Self-Hosting Guide from the handbook - In this option you ssh into the server, git clone the repositories, change files and run make. More Details

  2. Development of UI changes on a local webserver (https://localhost:8080/) with remote backend Jitsi servers. In this case the commands make dev and webpack-dev-server are used to for developing and testing UI changes locally. This setup uses as the backend by default, unless you change it. After you finish your local changes, you would need to upload them to your production Jitsi Meet server.

More References

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I am still confused with the way interface_config.js works with localhost. I followed the 2nd option (Development of UI changes on a local webserver).
Is it not possible to make changes in interface_config.js file and reflect those changes in local server ? (localhost:8080)

Perhaps if you could enlighten me up the way interface_config.js works with https://localhost:8080 It would be really appreciated.


@agpt your answer can be found here: Jitsi-meet local dev environment setup

Basically, make dev is for the react folder.

Also, regarding interface_config.js: The server embeds (using SSI) both interface_config.js and config.js into index.html which is the starting point for a meeting.

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Got it. Thank you very much !