Modify the domain name entered in the jitsi meet installation

I have a problem with the operation of Jitsi-meet. Once installed in a LXC container in Ubuntu, when placing the container’s ip in the browser, it shows me the jitsi interface where I write the name of the room to create. Upon entering I give permissions for the microphone and the camera, however they remain in a locked state and are not enabled. As you see, the problem is because the address that I put in the browser (IP of the LXC container) is different from the domain that I registered at the time of the jitsi installation (local domain that I invented). My question is how to make it possible for me to modify that domain data that I put at the time of the installation of jitsi-meet when it asks me for a domain name so that it can put the ip of the container.

if your lxc container is named mycontainer and the IP address is something like, define in your hosts file mycontainer

and access it in your browser using https://mycontainer
then accept the certificate (that should refer the mycontainer name if it’s the one you gave at the setup stage)

But in the / etc / hosts file the ip with the domain I invented for my local LXC container is already registered, and even so if I put the domain name in the browser it doesn’t work for me. only if I put the ip address but as I say if it enters jitsi-meet but the microphone and the camera are still working. That’s why I need to know how to combine the videobridge configuration data that I gave it when I was installing the jitsi and put the invented domain.

You need to edit the hosts file on the client side