Modifications to UI


I am volunteering with a remote teaching venture. I’d like to host a Jitsi instance but as-is it doesn’t fulfill all the requirements we have. To detail:

  • It shouldn’t open the camera automatically when people join the room

  • Only a few users should be moderators, not the whole room (currently anyone can mute/unmute anyone)

  • Whiteboard/screenshare on mobile, which is needed to show texts/material.

  • Chat functionality should be prominent.

A reskin is needed, sort of. A better interface for the app which has the above.

If you are able to help with that (for pay, obviously, please attach a quote!) then let me know. I’m keen to get this done before the next semester because of Zoom’s endless issues, fees, and the students who are locked out of it because of geography or older devices. So tired of having to troubleshoot something so clearly broken to begin with…

my email is dawachi @ , you’ll get a faster response there : )