Hi everybody,

I make a quickinstall of Jitsi on a VPS. It is wonderfull.

But sometimes I am not the first in the room. So I am not the moderator.

I would like everybody became moderator, like in, how to do that?


You need to enable this module:


But how to enable it?

I don’t find instructions to do that…

Enable it by adding it to the modules_enabled under the conference component in prosody config:

add there "muc_allowners";


Do you know (or anybody else please) how (when everyone is a moderator) to be able to kick moderators?
The patch muc_owner_allow_kick is not matching to the code in muc.lib.lua, couldn’t find out how to get this working. Have the latest unstable releases as of yesterday.

Yeah that patch is against trunk-747, we need to update it to match latest prosody … but this is so simple change you can do it by hand …

Well, yes sure, if the code were the same or at least almost identical. The corresponding function looks quite different though now so I am not sure what to do exactly.

Is “muc_allowners” module intended to everybody becomes a moderator? Some way to one moderator grants moderation permissions to selected users?

Yes muc_allowners is everyone is moderator. There is no such feature for granting moderator role.

how to stop them from being a mod? how to set so everyone that comes in room is just a user

I applied the config as stated in prosody.cfg.lua but only the first person joining jistsi meet is granted moderator rights.

File that i applied the config is
My conference component :
Component "" "muc" storage = "none" modules_enabled = { "muc_meeting_id"; "muc_domain_mapper"; "muc_allowners"; -- "token_verification"; } admins = { "" } muc_room_locking = false muc_room_default_public_jids = true
What am i doing wrong?


Please take a look at this reply.

Hope it helps!