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Hello, I somewhat new to Jitsi. I started using this platform for my students. Another teacher introduced me to it and decided to try it out. We were already using zoom but I wanted something different. I have 6 classes I teach and have made different rooms for each class. Recently break out rooms were being created and my students would end up in various rooms. Then soon after people were getting kicked out. On multiple occasions I was kicked out and then a password was placed on my room. This was extremely disturbing because I was giving lectures holding class and students missed hours and even days of class.

I was reading through the forum and read that anyone in my class can utilize the_the functions I have had the teacher moderator. Is this true?

Is there a way to get back my high jacked rooms?

What do I need to do to prevent this. I know the basics of computers but no knowledge of coding and stuff like that. Does t this mean I will have to move my students to a different platform

IIUC you are talking about the public Jitsi server which is located at Everybody is moderator on this server and this may break your use-case.

I think moderated Jitsi will be better for your use case. To use it:

  • Go to
  • Click Get me a moderated meeting
  • Share the guest link with your students
  • Use the moderator link when you join or click join as moderator
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Thank you for the prompt response. So I won’t be able to name each classroom and have students just your the classroom name in? Sounds like I’m out of luck with getting a couple of my classrooms back since they’re had more become a password.
Is there some way you could verify That I’m the instructor/owner of my classrooms and grant me access? There is private info in some of the chat. It can we delete some of my classrooms

The rooms are created when the first participant joins and are destroyed when the last one leaves. When a room is destroyed everything about it goes with it, so chats that were exchanged during the life of the room are destroyed. If there is nobody in the room there is nothing to be deleted as it has already gone.

I know teachers which are using the method @emrah purposed above. You get in moderated rooms and bookmark the room links you will use to join as a moderator. Copy the corresponding guest link and give it to the students or publish it on a private resource where only the students can see the link. Whenever there is a class you go and use the bookmarked moderator link to join the room, this way you are the only moderator with rights like kicking participants and setting a password and the students are guests. This is how it works.
Unfortunately, that does not work with pretty room names, but anyway checking Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy | Jitsi you can see that the recommendation is to use room names that are hard to guess to avoid any intruders, which matches the random room names used by