Moderators or documentation for reply forums


The Jitsi’s forums are died, i think this plataform need add 1 or 2 moderator in each sub-forum for reply questions.

Or if cannot do this, you can create good DOCUMENTATION.

It’s very frustrating have questions and not find replies in 1 week.

Have nice day!


Ever since the current situation started we have been flooded on all fronts: users, GH issues, forum posts, support emails, etc. Any means of communication we have available has more traffic than we can realisticaly handle right now.

I get that everyone wants their questions answered ASAP, and I wish I had a magic wand that wouldd make all questions answered and perfect documentation written, but here we are.

Not sure what the intention of your message was, but I can tell you what it accomplishes. It’s reading things like this that make me close the tab and move on, to do something more producctive, because it’s just too stresful for little gain. The are many who are empathetic and thankful, but it’s people like you who make it all turn bad.

I’ll end by being blunt. You are not entitled to anything you asked for. Literally. Think about that for a bit.

Have a nice day!


Hi Saghul,

You have misinterpreted my words.

My text tries to create a solution to the problem and not an evil. As you can see in other forums, 1 or 2 moderators are created for each subforum that respond altruistically to users.

In this way responses are obtained every 2 or 3 days, there is no need to wait that long.

If administrators try to do everything (answer emails, answer forums, develop new features, solve bugs, etc.) they will not can do everything and users will stagnate.

Please note that just as you have your project and your clients, we also have our projects and our clients who constantly write to us to solve the problems or configure Jitsi.

Do you understand ?, I’m not writing to you because I’m impatient, I’m writing to find a solution.

Similarly, if you add moderators or create correct documentation, or contract someone to create good documentation, you will receive 50% of inquiries and have more time for Jitsi.

I deeply appreciate your dedication to the project. I’m programmer and i understand your situation, I know that it is overwhelming and stressful to serve many people and solve errors and problems.

I don’t want to be ungrateful, just looking for a solution. It is infeasible that with the growth of Jitsi you can serve everyone, and keep in mind that a project as magnificent as this one will only grow so that more questions and needs will come.

Thank you very much for all. Have nice day.

What documentation do you feel is missing ?

Regarding your unanswered questions, I couldn’t find any in your activity, the longest it took is 3d (sorry, just noticed you answered to your own message). Where did you post ?

I don’t think I have, this is not my first rodeo.

You don’t need to be a moderator to help others. Just reply to their questions. This is an open forum, anyone who knows the answer is empowered to give it.