Moderator Unmute Participant 5963?

Is there any way we can unmute participants in 5963 version?

I completely understand that this is a privacy concern but still, as a case, is this possible? If yes, what do we need to do?

Nope this is not possible. We are implementing Audio/Video moderation where participants in certain cases are not allowed to unmute and even in that case when they are allowed to do so, they are asked by the moderator to unmute themselves. Unmuting is an operation we consider only possible to be done personally by the participant.

@damencho I understand.

What interests me is, can we, in our own server/ code, modify/ develop anything which will allow the moderator to do so?

I think so. But make sure you inform the users as this is a huge privacy issue to unmute audio or video someone. And make sure you guard it so nobody can exploit it.

@damencho Alright! Can do that.

One last question, do we have any references, as to what needs to be modified, any sample code for this?

It needs changes in jicofo, and UI(jitsi-meet), and adding your signaling for that in lib-jitsi-meet …