Moderator Settings: The code works but I'm missing something

I’ve successfully installed a local instance of Jitsi. Jitsi is only available to those on the internal network. All users on the network authenticate against LDAP. LDAP works correctly. Jitsi works great.

But I’m missing something. Imagine this scenario…

I (my name is Chrome) create an internal meeting URL. I send the URL to my participants–let’s call them Brave, Edge, and Firefox. At the appointed time, we all enter the URL into our respective browsers. All four of us get the “Waiting for the host…” popup and the button that says “I am the host”. In reality, Chrome scheduled the meeting, so Chrome is the host. But since Brave, Edge, and Firefox can all authenticate against LDAP, any of them can click the “I am the host” button and start the meeting without Chrome.

How do I prevent Edge, Firefox, and/or Brave from starting the meeting without Chrome, who originally scheduled the meeting?

I’ve seen some commentary on use of tokens. Would this help Chrome? If so, how would I implement tokens in my local installation?


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I have achive schduling meeting for my local installation with combnation of Jitsi API,Bash script,Mozilla firefox and crontab along with internal_plain.Might be this information become use full for you.