Moderator rights based on group membership


i have set up an own server with secure domain. So every User has to login and then the first one gets admin rights.
What i need to achieve is, that people from group A are moderators, people from group B are normal users.
Only moderators should be able to create rooms, users should wait or immediately be kicked out, if there is not moderator present in that room.

I did some search, but didnt succeed to find a ready to use solution. Do you know a config to do that?

I think i have to write a lua script and use the hooks to code a solution.
Can you provide me some links with good starting points?
explanation of lua scripting?
hook overview, which are existing in stable versions (e.g. 0.10 prosody)?
is there already a storage like memcached where i could store the group information of a user?

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I am still searching for hints for e.g. the list of these hooks: module:hook(“muc-room-pre-create” …

Here is an example

Mind that some events are not present on 0.10.
You can add a variable in the module to store data in the memory of prosody … will be cleared once it reatarts. And make sure you clean your storage so you don’t leak memory

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thx @damencho

So i had some errors in my configuration, but now it works.

for documentation here my plugin:
local jid = require “util.jid”;
local http_request = require “http.request”

module:hook("muc-occupant-joined", function (event)
local room, occupant =, event.occupant;
local stanza = event.stanza;
local user = jid.split(stanza.attr.from);
--module:log("info", "occupant mod joined "..user);

if user ~= "focus"
        local headers, stream = assert(http_request.new_from_uri(""..user):go())
    local body = assert(stream:get_body_as_string())

    module:log('info', 'Return: '..body);
    if body == "moderator" then
        module:log("info", "occupant mod joined "..user);
        room:set_affiliation(true, occupant.bare_jid, "owner");
        module:log("info", "occupant user joined "..user);
        room:set_affiliation(true, occupant.bare_jid, "member");

end, 10);

What is still missing, is the feature, that if a normal user is creating a room, i want to close the room immediately.

i experimented with
room:set_affiliation(true, occupant.bare_jid, “none”);

but there is now reaction in the browser.

So what is the correct way to close a room when a user starts it? Any hints?