Moderator Permissions

I downloaded Meet and currently, every user has the ability to kick out other users. How do I apply moderator permission to individual users?

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Hi - use secure domain to enable the Host feature. Then the guest users will not be able to kick anyone out.

Thanks, we already have a secure link,, however everyone still has moderator permission. Is video bridge different from Meet, and if so how are they different. We are using Jitsi Meet.

Have you configure secured domain feature on your Jitsi installation? It has to be installed on your own server.

I don’t think you can use the public site with secure domain/Host functionality.

We did not load onto our server. Will do. Thanks.

i want to give all permission only on moderator he is the only one who can handle everything including mute/unmute video hide none of user can do it only moderator can do it all this thing so please help to know how can i do it?

follow and then all other participant have to wait until moderator creates the room… and only moderator will be able to kick/mute others