"moderator" on meet.jit.si meetings

meet.jit.si works really fine. However, like in real life, I need a “privileged user” that only he could:

  • Change the password (actually anyone in the meeting can change it, so it’s not very useful)
  • Kick out to any other user in the meeting

In fact, the best way could be that if a user create a meeting and put a password, all users than join that meeting have not privilegies to change the password or kick out even the moderator. I think the password option should be under “More options”, “Setting”, to avoid to change password by anyone.

Thank you


Hello Devs!

How can I be the a real owner of the meetings I’ve created?

I’ve read several security advices in this forum, including to use UUID generator, which I’ll do next time. I I have two other questions very close to those bullet points described above:
1. How to turn off the streaming option from invited people?
2. How to turn off the record option from invited people?

Many Thanks!