Moderator mode on meeting room


Hi @damencho
I test authentication for creating meeting room success. but i have a question.
Meeting room creator is moderator on room. But when moderator out meeting, the meeting still working and nobody is moderator.
I want do that when moderator out meeting the meeting also stoped or have a way transfer moderator mode to authentication user on the room.
Pls, tell me how can i do that?



you shouldn’t sop the meeting .
If the moderator have network problem , all other people will leave the meeting.


two ways to do it…

  1. use prosody mod to destroy the room after moderator left.
  2. use javascript to redirect. u can listen to this event and examine who left and according to that.

I used the 2nd one. i used a setTimeOut function to check if the list of participants have atleast 1 moderator if not redircet to close.html page