Moderator Logout in mobile apps

@saghul ,

Can you please let me know how to logout when user is moderator.
while joining the conference, we are entering the credentials and it stays until we uninstall the app.

Can you please help me what needs to be done?

in code, _onLogin() method
if (conference) {
r = dispatch(authenticateAndUpgradeRole(jid, password, conference));
} else {
r = dispatch(connect(jid, password));
i looked in to this code, on how its taking username and password
but no where the logout code or logic seems to be there.

Waiting for your reply.


Haven’t really checked this to confirm the behavior, but have you tried clearing the cache on the app?


Yeah, clearing the cache will work?
but user cannot clear cache every time… I think its not perfect solution.

Can you please help me in code how to logout the moderator?


I don’t believe access credentials persist forever. Authentication stays valid for 24hrs, so if a user logs into the system as a moderator, 24hrs after that login, they would need to re-authenticate to retain moderator-level access. I suspect you’re confusing the local app credentials with the system login credentials; they’re different.

Now if you want to require a login every single time, no matter the number of times, you can disable auto-login in Jicofo:


Thanks for your quick reply.

We are using our own domain to connect video calls.

For every new room/conference we are authenticating with login credentials,
So when user enter into first room , it prompts to authenticate by entering credentials, attached screenshot, after entering credentials it will login as moderator.

Next time the user joins different room, by invite mail as participant, but it logins as moderator access.
So i want to logout when user is in moderator access.


Well, what you have just described differs significantly from what you stated initially. For this kind of scenario, you should probably look at implementing JWT tokens. It gives you a little more granular control over access privileges.

Ok Thanks,

On Web, we have option to logout.

I want to achieve like this on mobile with logout option.