Moderator enable video stream only

How can I enable start camera from moderator only.

And how can only participants start camera.

and I want to set the config from configOverwrite.

like zoom:

You can enable advanced moderation in the participants pane, with the “…” button.
Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 12.34.04

no I want before enter the meeting, I mean by configuration.

That is not possible, you need to be in the meeting.

what about this post:

You can set those parameters in your config.js, but then they will be enforced on every meeting you start on your server. Alternatively, you can pass them as URL configs e.g.

So, you can have the Moderator use a regular meeting link to join, but have all the guests use the meeting link with the URL parameter like above.

You mean when I want to use like “startVideoMuted” on config the Moderator can’t change this option in meeting ?