Moderator can't come back in Lobby as moderator

Jitsi version 2.0.685-2
With Lobby on and password
When a moderator leaves the room (by accident or express) he comes back as Guest, hierby losing moderator rights.

if you have authentication the moderator keeps rights.

That is just it, it won’t.

just did a quick test and it seems that you may be right when a meeting has only 2 users and auto-owner is set to true - in this case the remaining user is made moderator and when the mod connects again, it’s as a normal user. Remove auto-owner from the Jicofo configuration and this problem will be solved.


Yep, that helps, that was exactly what I wanted to verify … I make take a look and implement it in the following weeks when time permits … but I will be glad if someone beat me on it.

Thanks for the reply and solution, Wil look into it next week.