Moderator cannot start new recordings. Fellow Jitsier is too anonymous


  1. I found stange bug. I’m able now to record my meeting with one dedicated jibri, it’s works.
    When moderator stops the recording it looks ok at first glance - Fellow Jitsier leaves the room, recording file is occuring in it’s directory e.t.c. But moderator cannot start the recording again becouse there is not Start recording button, there is only Stop recording button, it looks like previous recording is still on, but it’s not.
    No errors in jicofo log.
    No errors in console.
    No errors in jibri log.
    All jitsi packages are last.
    What could cause this issue? Has anybody saw this?

  2. Is there any way to rename Jibri’s alias in conferences? Fellow Jitsier is quite сconfusing.


Jibri should be hidden using the HiddenDomain property so you won’t see it showing as a participant in the meeting.

Well. Every time i’m turning on recording, i see Fellow Jitsier logging in. Exactly as participant in the meeting.

Add the following into your config.js

config.hiddenDomain = 'recorder.YOUR_JITSI_DOMAIN';

It works , thank you. Even 1st issue solved somehow.