Moderator can not unmute/talk to participants though participant is unmuted by themselves

Hi Team,

When we start a Jitsi video conference, we can not able to see the option “unmute” for participants. Though the participants are in unmute, moderator see them as audio/video mute from his screen. And there is no option for “unmute” in tools options. We can see only mute but that also in disabled mode.

Please help in resolving the issues how a participant talk to moderator / how moderate can unmute them. Please let us know what changes we need to do from backend in config.js /interface-config.js Or in any other file.

We are using Jitsi docker with apache.

Appreciate if you could respond asap. Thanks.


You’re using an extremely old version of Jitsi. Quite a number of things has changed. Most importantly, Chrome has moved to Unified Plan which renders your version useless for Chrome clients (unless you apply for an origin trial). You need to upgrade to the latest version (or any of the last 3 immediately preceding it).

Hi Freddie, Thanks for your quick response.

We have recently did that setup with git clone of jitsi meet repo. Wouldn’t that be with latest repo? I can see all my images are with :latest tag.

Kindly suggest me how I can upgrade to latest?

The UI is definitely not the latest. Share the result of the following command:

dpkg -l "jitsi-*" "jicofo*" "prosody*" | egrep '^ii'

Ahhh!! I got it, Though we are using ‘git clone command’, images are there in server since months back. So the :latest tag images are actually using the system images, not the latest ones i think.

Today i removed all the images and did a re-setup with the latest configuration. Now moderator can hear/see participant audio and video.

But with the latest one the landing page look and feel seems different than the old one.

When we used old images below is thefront page appearance.

When we updated with latest images, below is the front page appearance.

Is it possible to use the blue screen html appearance in the latest setup. Kindly let me know if any changes i need to do from the backend to get the blue page appearance.

Output for the above command. (dpkg -l “jitsi-" "jicofo” “prosody*” | egrep ‘^ii’)
dpkg -l “jitsi-" "jicofo” “prosody*” | egrep ‘^ii’
dpkg-query: no packages found matching jitsi-*
dpkg-query: no packages found matching jicofo*
dpkg-query: no packages found matching prosody*

Hi @Freddie , Any update on my query please??