Moderator and max occupants

Hi, I have a Jitsi setup using JWT auth - one moderator and many guests. I am also using mod_max_occupants to limit the number of people in conference. Unfortunately, if the limit is reached before the moderator joins, then the moderator can not join because the room is full.

Has anyone face this before? I’m thinking I will have to write my own plugin combining token_verification and max_occupants to allow a moderator to always join, but I thought I would ask first.


You can make a copy of the existing max occupants and where an occupant is checked in whitlist you can whitelist any occupant having a token.
session.auth_token is what you need to check, if your guests are without token.

Thanks, guests do need their own token to join, so I guess I will have to inspect the token but it sounds like it will work.

Because I am using the mode_token_affiliation plugin in, I added this check before the whitelist check

local context_user = event.origin.jitsi_meet_context_user;
if context_user ~= nil then
if context_user.affiliation == “owner” then

This seems to be working.

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