Moderation improvements to Jitsi Meet (upstream)

LibreOffice (The Document Foundation) is interested in receiving non-binding budget prices and time estimates for the three features listed below. The features should be upstreamed to Jitsi Meet (checking for consensus before implementing).

Please contact me at

  1. better moderation capabilities in locked down rooms: challenge/response in lobby
    During LiboCon we had uninvited people over, so we had to lock the room (since we want to keep access as easy as possible we did not want to use passwords to lock the room, also we don’t know who will join beforehand, so distributing said password is not feasible). The problem with that is that while people can request access, there is no way to communicate before, and as people can freely choose a nick, they might be unsuspicious-looking but actually be the same person that was kicked earlier.

Be able to initiate a chat with the person knocking, to give a simple challenge/response before granting access

  1. generic improvements: boost volume for individual participants instead of only allowing to lower the volume
    In our regular calls, we always have a few people who always have much lower volume compared to others. However you cannot increase the volume level for those speakers, you can only lower the volume. Meaning you have to use your system’s volume control and hope that nobody interrupts in regular volume

Allow to boost volume of individual speakers or add a way to lower the volume for all participants with a single control (so that you can remove that global ducking for the participants with low volume).

  1. better moderation capabilities: asymmetric participants (“speakers” vs “listeners”)
    At our virtual LiboCon we had speakers and regular attendees, and the abovementioned visits from unwelcome people. Another way to deal with this kind of situation is to just not allow everyone to unmute or play video at will, but only allow that for preregistered users while others would have to raise hand and wait for moderator to unmute/grant video/screenshare

Jitsi already has some limited amount of speaker-centric features (everyone follows me, everyone muted except single person), but those features do not extend to a conference, and assume good-will in participants (and small groups). So even when not tied to log-ins/authenticated users: if there was a way to only grant self-unmute/video/screenshare to a subset of attendees this would be helpful

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@buovjaga - I have sent you a DM and an email;